Provorov drops Marchand with vicious hit to the head!

Marchand left to the locker room, do you think the hit is suspension-worthy?

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The Philadelphia Flyers and Boston Bruins are in the middle of a classic match between two old-time bruising teams. While the NHL isn't generally known for intense rough games anymore, these two teams are providing a fun throwback show for the fans.

That being said, the fun tends to stop for one team when its player gets rocked with a hard, illegal check to the head.

This hit will be hotly debated for its legality over the next 24 hours, with Ivan Provorov likely about to hear from the NHL Player Safety Department about a potential suspension.

Several fines and suspensions have been doled out recently by George Parros and co., and this may be no exception.

Provorov was assessed a 2 minute minor for an illegal check to the head of Brad Marchand on the play. Marchand had to leave to the locker room - a concerning sight considering he's been out with injury twice already this season.

He fortunately returned to the bench for the second period, with his nose stitched up.