Puljujarvi makes stupid move in latest trade update!

​Someone needs to put some sense into him…

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Jesse Puljujarvi sounds like he’s straight out of the movie Slap Shot. 

“Trade me right f***ing now!”

However, it has been quite the challenge for theOilers to find the best deal for them in this trade request, and the more the summer goes on, the more we wonder if the young forward will remain in Edmonton for 2019-20. 

According to Dennis Bernstein of The Fourth Period, the Oilers might have found a taker in Los Angeles for Puljujarvi, but the deal fell through because Edmonton wanted the Kings to take on Milan Lucic’s monster contract as well. Oilers GM Ken Holland made it clear he will accept to trade Puljujarvi for the best return possible, which means the kid could be stuck in Edmonton much longer. 

But it seems like it could be a new fresh start for him that way. After all, the Oilers now have a new general manager AND a new head coach in Dave Tippett, which make it seems like Puljujarvi could benefit from these changes moving forward. However, he is totally against it, per his agent Markus Lehto. 

“Although the Oilers have a new well-respected GM and a new coach the team is still pretty much the same,” Lehto said, as translated by the Edmonton Journal .”Sometimes a player and a team are not a fit. This seems to be the case here. Nothing radical about it.”

“It doesn’t make sense to go back where we were last season, it’s not good for either side,” Lehto told Finnish reporter Tommi Seppala. “Discussions about parting ways have been going on for weeks already. Jesse needs a fresh start and it’s nothing against the Oilers.”

Nothing against the Oilers? Yeah… right!