Puljujarvi’s agent finally reveals what’s wrong with his client

What will happen of the trade then?!

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There have been rumblings for weeks now that Jesse Puljujarvi demanded a trade from the Edmonton Oilers and the player’s agent Markus Lehto confirmed the rumour, stating that his client needed a fresh start. 

However, the NHL agent might have revealed a bit more than his client would have liked in an interview with Sportsnet 650 on Wednesday, stating why Puljujarvi has struggled since he was drafted fourth overall in 2016 and is looking to be moved. 

“Well, that’s something that really kind of makes Jesse and really myself think that he should try and go back. But at the same time it’s a lot like a confidence issue here. If he goes back and all of a sudden things don’t really work out, you know, are we then in the same low point again? Which is not going to help either Oilers nor Jesse. And then what’s going to happen after that? Then for sure maybe we lose a player who definitely is an NHLer.”

When asked about Puljujarvi not regaining his confidence in the near future, Lehto was quite blunt about it. 

“Of course I’m afraid and worried about that and I think everybody else would be worried about that too.”

Let’s hope the agent himself remains confident enough to find a new landing spot for his client. As for Puljujarvi, he needs to focus back on the game and get all the help he can get - even if that means going to new Oilers head coach Dave Tippett. 

Puljujarvi's confidence might return, but for that he needs to play!