Quebec government attacked for investing $7 million into NHL games.
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Quebec government attacked for investing $7 million into NHL games.

The Quebec government is under fire over a decision to invest millions into meaningless NHL games.

Jonathan Larivee

Fans have in Quebec City have been crying out for a National Hockey League team since the Quebec Nordiques were relocated to Colorado in 1995, but unfortunately Quebec premiere Francois Legault appears to have completely misunderstood that message.

Recently it was revealed that Legault and his government were set to invest $7 million in taxpayer moneys to host a pair of exhibition games during the preseason at the Centre Videotron in Quebec City. Those two games would take place during the 2024 preseason, but with so many Quebecers suffering during a tough economic time the decision from the Legault government is being openly called into question by the opposition.

"I think that Quebecers, yes they are in love with their national sport, but at the moment they see people lining up in front of food banks, especially the food bank which is opposite the Videotron Center," said Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois of opposition party Quebec Solidaire. "And between making sure everyone eats and paying Phillip Danault's lunch, I think Quebecers prefer that everyone eats."

It's one thing to invest in bringing an NHL team to Quebec City, and it's another matter entirely to invest in an existing NHL team coming to stop buy for a visit for a pair of games that don't even count in the standings. In fact some have been quick to point out that the Quebec government doesn't even know which players will be hitting the ice for the Kings in what are meaningless games.