Radko Gudas sends Brandon Tanev airborne with a hip check.

Radko Gudas sends Brandon Tanev airborne with a hip check.

The big Anaheim Ducks defenseman delivers a textbook hip check to Seattle Kraken's veteran forward.

Jonathan Larivee

The art of the hip check is an artform that has nearly been lost to time, especially at the National Hockey League level, but one man has seemingly made it his life's mission to keep the hip check alive.

I am of course referring to Anaheim Ducks defenseman Radko Gudas, a veteran NHL player that has deployed the hip check as part of his physical arsenal of weapons throughout his NHL career. Not only does Gudas like to deliver the hip check from time to time, but quite frankly he does so in beautiful fashion.

On Friday night, it would be Seattle Kraken forward Brandon Tanev who would become the latest victim of a Gudas hip check, with the Anaheim Duck delivering another textbook example of the move. Gudas would catch Tanev cutting through the neutral zone and punished him with the unorthodox move, sending him sailing through the air in the process.

In the replay it even looks as if Tanev is expecting a normal body check, and even braces for one, only to be fooled by Gudas going low with the hip check.

The art of the hip check remains alive and well thanks to Radko Gudas, with a tip of the hat to Brandon Tanev on this one as well.