Radko Gudas taunts Maple Leafs fans in return to Toronto.
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Radko Gudas taunts Maple Leafs fans in return to Toronto.

The Anaheim Ducks defenseman was involved in an infamous moment during the 2023 Stanley Cup playoffs.

Jonathan Larivee

The return of Radko Gudas to Toronto is imminent.

On Saturday night, Gudas and the Toronto Maple Leafs will face off for the first time since a now infamous moment last May that created perhaps the most iconic photo of the 2023 Stanley Cup playoffs. The photo depicts Gudas screaming in the face of Maple Leafs goaltender Joseph Woll and that is a moment that many Maple Leafs fans are hoping to see Gudas pay for.

Toronto Maple Leafs enforcer Ryan Reaves has already commented on facing Gudas tonight, but now the big bruising defenseman has shared some words of his own.

Gudas, who missed a potential clash with the Leafs back in January due to illness, admitted today that he has been looking forward to facing the Leafs again.

"I've been looking forward to this night," admitted Gudas as per David Alter.

Gudas even took the chance to chirp the Maple Leafs fans who went ballistic over the infamous photo, pointing to the fact that fans in Toronto are still losing valuable sleep as a result of his actions.

"People here still can’t sleep over it," Gudas said. "It’s one of those moments that happen in a second."

Whether or not we will see some fireworks as a result of the history between Gudas and the Maple Leafs tonight remains to be seen, but there will no doubt be a ton of curious eyeballs on tonight's game.