Rafael Harvey-Pinard taken out by his own teammate.

Rafael Harvey-Pinard taken out by his own teammate.

Canadiens forward Rafael Harvey-Pinard was helped off the ice on Saturday after an ugly injury caused by his own teammate.

Jonathan Larivee

This one hurts to watch.

On Saturday afternoon during a clash between the Dallas Stars and Montreal Canadiens, Habs forward Rafael Harvey-Pinard suffered a very unfortunate injury at the hands of his own teammate.

Harvey-Pinard was injured when he took a "chop block" type of shot to the back of his leg courtesy of teammate Joel Armia during the opening minutes of the game's second period. Neither player appeared to notice the other as they were moving in opposite directions on the ice, resulting in a terrible collision near center ice.

Armia would fall on the back of Harvey-Pinard's left leg, causing it to bend in an ugly looking manner as the weight of both players pressed down onto Harvey-Pinard's leg. The pain on the face of the 25 year old forward was evident and he had to be helped back to the Canadiens locker room, unable to put any weight down on his injured leg.

Unsurprisingly, he has been ruled out for the remainder of the game.