Rangers’ coach Quinn gets penalized for for saying ref has “f***ing rabbit ears”!

The weird exchange happened after a controversial double minor!

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You may have had to read the headline twice, but this is what actually happened. 

On Tuesday night, the Edmonton Oilers managed to hold on and win 7-5 over the New York Rangers, but it wasn’t all fun and games despite the high-scoring affair, 

In the second period, as the poor Blue Shirts were getting beaten 4-0, their head coach David Quinn was assessed a minor penalty when he was caught saying the the referee has “fucking rabbit ears” after a controversial double minor leads to a power play goal for Edmonton. 

The weird sequence was caught on tape and still has people wondering what the official thought of the insult. 

As we can see in the video below, the official clearly tells Quinn that next time he will be ejected from the game. 

Their coach’s reaction might have gotten the Rangers going. Trailing 6-1 after two periods, New York still managed to get back in the game, but fell short.