Rangers comment after shutting down Tony DeAngelo's Twitter account

The Rangers blueliner who called the coronavirus a hoax has had his privileges taken away from him.

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If you follow New York Rangers defenseman Tony DeAngelo online you know that the right-leaning DeAngelo isn't one to keep his opinions to himself. Love him or hate him, there's no doubt that DeAngelo is outspoken in his support for Donald Trump and the Republican party. DeAngelo has managed to inject himself into seemingly every political controversy on Twitter and now it appears that the Rangers have finally had enough.

Head to DeAngelo's Twitter account today and you'll see that it no longer exists.

Whether DeAngelo deactivated his Twitter account himself or whether the Rangers forced him to still isn't clear, but many fans online seem to think that the Rangers are the ones pulling the strings on this one.

It's worth pointing out that Twitter actually added a note to DeAngelo's most recent tweet, warning essentially that DeAngelo was spreading Fake News.

Check it out:

In any case... DeAngelo's account is now offline and Matt Porter of The Boston Globe reports that the Rangers have refused to make DeAngelo available to reporters and have simply said that the situation was "handled internally."

Check it out:

 It's worth noting that the Rangers had previously distanced themselves from DeAngelo's podcast Watch Your Tone and with over 24,000 dead from COVID-19 in New York City alone, they could not be happy with one of their own players promoting the coronavirus hoax theory.