Rangers fight Jacob Trouba to push him out of New York!

Rangers fight Jacob Trouba to push him out of New York!

Things are turning ugly…

Chris Gosselin

The New York Rangers are reportedly trying to move captain Jacob Trouba, and it has come with loads of drama in the Big Apple.

Trouba owns a 15-team no-trade clause and he is believed to be working closely with his “aggressive” agent Kurt Overhardt to block a trade from the Rangers, per Elliotte Friedman.

The Blue Shirts and general manager Chris Drury want to clear Trouba’s $8 million salary cap hit from New York’s books, and rumours even emerged that the Rangers were working on a deal to send him back home to Michigan with the Detroit Red Wings. However, Trouba wants to stay put in New York and could have included the Red Wings on his 15-team list to spike a trade, seeing that there aren’t a lot of teams that can take on his cap hit.

“Will he make it strategic so that places the Rangers might actually be able to trade him to, or think they’ll be able to trade him to, will they be blocked?” Friedman mentioned on the podcast.

News came out that Trouba wants to stay in New York City with his wife’s current hospital residency among the many factors in his decision. I find it admirable that Trouba supports his wife and her career and she should not be brought down in this situation. Say what you want about the player, the man has values off the ice and is using the clause that was given to him by the Rangers to help and support his family.

However, Larry Brooks of the NY Post believes the Rangers will move him nonetheless.

“If Trouba does not approve a trade to Detroit that is believed in place, he will ultimately be sent somewhere else, perhaps by waivers. The decision has been made.”

Things are getting ugly in New York, especially after we’ve heard of Barclay Goodrow’s frustration with how he was treated and sent on waivers to end back in San Jose by GM Drury.

Trouba is having a hard time with how he is being treated by his own organization, as Friedman went on to explain when discussing the trade chatter.

“One of the things that has really made this challenging is that Trouba has struggled with the idea that the Rangers might want to move on from him,” Friedman said.

“The one thing I am reasonably certain of is that this whole situation that has developed over the past week or two has been hard on Trouba,” Friedman added. “Like, if you go back to when he left Winnipeg and was traded by Winnipeg, both the Jets and the player were ready for a divorce. It was time for both to move on, and they did. In this particular case, the Rangers may have decided for cap reasons that they may need to do this, but that doesn’t mean that Trouba is ready for this. I think he was disappointed. I think he was shocked.”

Trouba has two years left on his current contract, making $8 million against the cap through the 2025-26 season. Last season he recorded 22 points in 69 games and added another seven points in 16 Stanley Cup Playoff games.