Rangers fined $250,000 for statement against George Parros

Whoa! What a crazy week for the Blueshirts!


This just in, the NHL has fined the New York Rangers $250,000 for their statement condemning head of NHL Player Safety George Parros and his decision for not suspending Washington Capitals forward Tom Wilson.

"It is terribly unfair to question George Parros’ professionalism and dedication to his role and the Department of Player Safety,” NHL commissioner Gary Bettman said earlier this week before today's fine was announced.

You may recall that the Rangers effectively called for Parros to be removed from his position with NHL Player Safety in a very pointed statement released on Tuesday.

Here's the statement in question:

Then yesterday Rangers owner James Dolan unceremoniously dumped GM Jeff Gorton and president John Davidson, leading many to believe that their firings had something to do with the statement released less than 24 hours earlier. However, multiple NHL insiders have reported that the two scenarios seem to be unlinked. Dolan simply wanted to make a change and the timing of it appears to be a coincidence. But... color me skeptical, because I'm not buying it...

The fact of the matter is that Davidson and Gorton were in charge of the team when the statement was released. The statement set off a firestorm of controversy and now those two gentlemen are out of a job. It doesn't take a mathematician to add things up here...