Rangers' owner James Dolan steps in to stop GM Chris Drury from making a trade

Just make Dolan the GM if this is the way it's gonna be...

Published 24 days ago
Rangers' owner James Dolan steps in to stop GM Chris Drury from making a trade
Zuma Press

According to a report from TSN insider Darren Dreger, New York Rangers owner James Dolan is once again meddling in team personnel decisions.

It's long been rumored openly that Dolan is really the man pulling the strings in New York and was directly behind the firing of former GM Jeff Gorton and President John Davidson. Going back even further, it's believed that Dolan was the mastermind behind attracting superstar free agent Artemi Panarin.

Today, Dreger reported that Dolan has stepped in to prevent GM Chris Drury from trading the team's 2024 1st round Draft pick. Not because Dolan is so concerned for his team's prospect stable though, no... like all things with Dolan it's much more vain than that. Dreger reports that Dolan is keen to make a "spectacle" at the Draft, which is held at Las Vegas' Sphere, a property owned by Dolan.

From Dreger:

"Yeah, (complications) including their 1st round pick in 2024. The New York Rangers would like to add a forward, I'm told they did make an offer for Elias Lindholm... but that after was clearly not accepted. James Dolan wants to protect the 2024 1st round pick so that the Rangers can be part of the spotlight at the Draft at the Sphere because Dolan is also the owner of the Sphere in Vegas. The Rangers want to be part of the spectacle in Vegas. 

- Darren Dreger

Now if that isn't a clear case of an owner meddling in personnel decision then I'm not sure what is. But then again, if you're a Rangers fan none of this is news to you... unfortunately.