Rangers re-sign journeyman defenseman for another year.

A minor signing from the blue shirts.

Rangers re-sign journeyman defenseman for another year.

The Rangers have retained a defenseman from the Keith Yandle trade, only it's probably not the one Rangers fans were hoping for.

On Wednesday the Rangers officially announced the signing of defenseman Chris Summers to a one-year two-way deal and according to a foll,ow up report from General Fanager that deal is worth $600,000.

It's a curious move by the Rangers who used Summers very sparingly after acquiring him, with Summers spending nearly all of his time in the American Hockey League, but with his low price tag the Rangers may simply view him as serviceable depth on their roster.

Yandle plays the same side as Summers as is expected to depart in free agency, this move could also be motivated by Summers moving up the depth chart and potentially having a larger role next season.