Rapper Drake drops massive wager on Stanley Cup Final.
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Rapper Drake drops massive wager on Stanley Cup Final.

Canadian rapper Drake has a lot riding on the Stanley Cup Final between the Edmonton Oilers and Florida Panthers.

Jonathan Larivee

World famous recording artist Drake is getting involved in the Stanley Cup Final... well sort of.

This week the Canadian rapper took to social media to announce that he was placing a whopping total of $1 million in wagers on the finals that will be taking place in both the National Hockey League as well as the National Basketball Association.  In the NBA, Drake picked the Dallas Mavericks to beat the Boston Celtics, but if I'm being perfectly honest I was far more interested in who he selected in the Stanley Cup Final.

I suppose it should come as no surprise that the Canadian rapper will be supporting a Canadian team as the Edmonton Oilers will look to end a 30 year drought on Canadian Stanley Cup victories. Drake has placed a massive wager on the Oilers in the amount of $500,000 and stands to win even more as the Oilers are listed as significant underdogs in this series. Given the odds he received, Drake stands to cash out over $1 million should the Oilers manage to best the Panthers in the Stanley Cup Final.

This could mean big trouble for the Edmonton Oilers however as Drake hasn't exactly been known for his successful sports predictions. In fact the "Drake Curse" has become something of running joke after a series of unsuccessful high-profile wagers, with Drake's support being viewed by some as a kiss of death for the team or individual that he is supporting.

Will the Oilers be able to overcome both a 30 year drought and the Drake Curse? Only time will tell.