Ray Shero makes statement about Kovalchuk's timeline.

Tic, toc, tic, toc.

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With huge signatures made in the past few days, the NHL is hungry for some action. Immense contracts by Price, Thornton, Marleau, Kuznetsov and the others make it quite an interesting time for both the fans and the analyst. 

However, one guy is still dragging his feet about where he will be playing in the NHL, if he does at all, for next year. Ilya Kovalchuk left the NHL some years ago and now that he wants in again, he's really slow to commit to anything. GM Ray Shero put a timeline in place today though, which should bring us a bit closer to a decision. 

We wished for more details, but ''next few days'' means we should get a clearer picture by the end of the week. Kovalchuk knows how to create anticipation and many GM have to be pretty annoyed by it too.