Reaves interrupts McGuire's interview with Gallant in most hilarious way!

It was McGuire's time to look like a fool, I guess.

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We all know how intense NBC rink side analyst Pierre McGuire can be, especially during in-game interviews with players and head coaches. 

So on Wednesday night, he needed to lighten up a bit. Or a less that what Vegas Golden Knights gritty forward Ryan Reaves thought he needed. 

While McGuire was holding the mic and interviewing Golden Knights head coach Gerard Gallant behind the bench, Reaves decided to make the exchange memorable by chiming in and interrupting it in the most hilarious way. 

As McGuire was asking a question to Gallant, Reaves put up his stick and rubbed on the side of the head of McGuire. At first, the NBC analyst thought it was traffic on the bench that made it hard for a player to move his stick, however, when he noticed that Gallant was laughing, he turned around and caught Reaves in action. 


Of course, McGuire kept his composure. It takes more than that to get him off his game. 

It was a good idea of Reaves to have a little fun with McGuire, who held one of the most uncomfortable interviews of the season earlier this year with Chicago Blackhawks captain Jonathan Toews. 

It was McGuire's time to look like a fool, I guess.