Recently fried Montreal analytics expert speaks out!

Analytics expert reportedly fired over Subban trade speaks out.

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As you may now by now if you follow our page, the rumors that surfaced yesterday following the termination of Montreal Canadiens analytics expert Matt Pfeffr were all but confirmed in a recent report from Eric Engels, one of the media sources that is very close with P.K. Subban.

Following that report Matt Pfeffr himself released a statement again through Sportsnet's Eric Engels, again largely confirming the rumors, that he made a plea to keep Subban, and was quickly terminated.

“Prior to the trade, I submitted a report comparing both players. I made a passionate case in favour of P.K. Subban.

“There was never a meeting with management.

“Ultimately, this is the nature of this kind of work. Management makes their decision based on a variety of criteria. Their evaluation may have been different in this case, but there was consensus on other decisions through my time with the team.”

Two things worth noting here, especially when you consider the characterization of both Marc Bergevin and Michel Therrien that has been presented since the trade. The first is that after making his case for Subban, Pfeffer was let go without so much as a meeting with management, and second that the Habs seemed happy with his analytics reports until the point that they clashed with a management decision.

It sounds like Pfeffer is an absolute class act for leaving with such grace.