Red Wings fans furious after jersey patch reveal

It's going over about as well as you'd expect.



Despite almost universally negative fan reception, the Detroit Red Wings have been added to the list of National Hockey League teams who have added an advertisement to their sweaters. 

As revealed earlier today, the new advertisement - or "jersey patch", as they're referring to it, is from Priority, which "is Michigan's premiere waste management and dumpster company, with the finest garbage disposal and recycling services."

A first look at the new uniform sponsor: 

“This has been a long process; we’ve been at this for a couple of years,” Ryan Gustafson, Red Wings executive vice president and chief operating officer, said. “The reason for that is we really wanted to find the right partner, a partner that didn’t just want to put their logo on our jersey, they wanted to be integrated into everything we do with the Red Wings organization, a community-driven partner, someone who understands the brand, who understands the history of Hockeytown and everything the Red Wings represent. And we couldn’t be more excited that we found that with Priority.”

Todd Stanford, CEO and founder of Priority, said, “It takes a lot to be a champion. Waking up every day, battling, and continuing to move forward in what your objectives are, it doesn’t come overnight. The men and women of Priority have embraced that culture. It’s a culture that was embedded in me by the Detroit Red Wings and being a part of Detroit sports and especially the Red Wings and especially as a child watching my father take every game and all of that passion and continually watching and watching the team work to be able to finally hoist the (Stanley) Cup. We’re seeing what the Red Wings are doing right now and Priority wanted to be a part of that and we are extremely excited, extremely blessed and grateful and thank Ryan and the Ilitch family and everybody in the Detroit Red Wings for this opportunity.”

But to say that Red Wings fans are upset would be an understatement. 

Source: Twitter