Red Wings fans left bewildered after latest roster move

What does this say about their current satisfaction level with the team defense?



It certainly couldn't hurt things for the Detroit Red Wings to promote young Swedish defenseman Simon Edvinsson full time, considering just how porous their current defense has been over the last month of the season. Currently, the Red Wings are circling the drain after their 9th loss in their last eleven contests, effectively ending all good feelings that were enjoyed by fans in the first month of the year that saw Detroit challenge for one of the top two spots in the Atlantic Division. 

But rather than keep Edvinsson in the lineup, the Red Wings made the puzzling call to send Edvinsson back to the American Hockey League so that over the hill veteran Jeff Petry can come back into the lineup; he was hurt after a nasty collision with teammate Christian Fischer on December 23 against the Devils. 

And to say that this move hasn't exactly gone over well would be an understatement judging by the replies on the team's official social media account. 

Are the Red Wings making a mistake in this situation by not keeping Edvinsson in the lineup and instead electing to once again trot out the 35 year-old Petry on the already struggling blue line? 

Petry appears poised to return to action tomorrow night at Little Caesars Arena when the Red Wings play host to the Nashville Predators. In order to get back into the playoff race, Detroit had better start gaining some points in the standings. 

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