Red Wings fans will like Lucas Raymond's outlook for next season

He's coming off his second season in the NHL with Detroit.



Detroit Red Wings forward Lucas Raymond is looking to recapture some of the swagger that earned him considerable attention in the 2022 Calder Trophy race that ultimately went to teammate Moritz Seider. 

His stats would dip in his second NHL season to 45, 12 less than the 57 he scored as a rookie. While he did miss eight games with injury, the Red Wings would like to see him continue his development and turn into a more reliable offensive producer.

And according to Raymond, he plans on continuing to put in work in the gym to get better on the ice. 

“Coming up in the Frolunda program, that’s always been a big focus, to get stronger and bigger and get to that level,” Raymond said. “I’m young, my body is still developing. The gym is going to be a big part for me this summer to get bigger and stronger but don’t lose my agility on the ice. I think that combination is huge.”

Head coach Derek Lalonde didn't outright say that Raymond experienced the "sophomore slump", but instead focused on the fact that there is still ample room for growth as he gets ready for his third NHL campaign. 

“The fact that he’s never seen the American Hockey League -- he jumped right into the National Hockey League -- I don’t think people respect how hard that is,” Lalonde said. “You can’t think it’s just going to keep growing steadily. He probably went through some bumps and bruises. He went through some sicknesses this year. That’s just part of being a young kid in this league.

“He’s still so fresh and raw in his development. There’s still a ton of growth for his ceiling and this summer will be another step toward it.”

Source: MLive