Red Wings' Filip Zadina injured while playing overseas.

Bad news for the Red Wings.

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The Detroit Red Wings have not had a lot of positives to celebrate over the last year or so and unfortunately it sounds like the team has been hit by even more bad news on Monday morning. Now before I get into this I must admit we do not have all the details as this is a breaking development, so feel free to check back periodically for updates on this story. 

Here's what we know so far. According to a report from the official account of Trinec Ocelari HC of the Czech league or Czech Extraliga, Detroit Red Wings forward Filip Zadina has been injured. We're trying to get a hold of some video of the incident but right now it looks like no one has been able to get that just yet, although we do have some other clips from the game so we do know the cameras were rolling. 

The nature of the injury has not been disclosed, but according to the official report Zadina had to be helped off the ice by custodians and a physiotherapist. Here is the official statement, translated from Czech:

Nothing nice. Nothing! Not a bit.

Filip Zadina leaves the ice with the help of custodians and a physiotherapist.

The Red Wings made the decision to loan Zadina to Trinec Ocelari HC back in August in order to allow the talented young forward to continue his development while the NHL was dealing with the fallout from the pandemic. The Red Wings of course were not one of the teams to be invited to participate in the bubble for the 2020 Stanley Cup Playoffs, so sending him to the Czech Extraliga actually made a ton of sense even in spite of today's bad news. You want Zadina to continue developing his skills and there was no way he was going to do that by sitting at home, but it will be extremely disappointing if this proves to be any kind of serious injury. 

As of right now there is no reason to panic however given that we do not know the nature or severity of the injury, but we will bring you those details as quickly as possible. For now here's a clip of a Zadina goal from his second game with Trinec Ocelari HC.

Update: Short clip of the hit that caused the injury.

Update: A second angle doesn't show much due to being obscured by the official.