Red Wings' Lucas Raymond scores in exhibition home opener

The top draft pick from 2020 is on the board!


Forward Lucas Raymond is already making his presence felt. 

The 4th overall selection in 2020 by the Detroit Red Wings is appearing tonight in his first (unofficial) National Hockey League game, Raymond sniped a shot home from the slot: 

"He’s a really smart player, he’s good with the puck, he can make a lot of plays,” head coach Blashill said prior to tonight's game. “He’s got to make sure he has the puck a lot. How do you have the puck a lot? Either you get in the right spots, or you work to get open or you work to get it. And you play good defense to make sure you’re not defending all night. That’s how you end up with the puck.

“I think he’s an accountable player defensively. If he goes through the whole night and he touches the puck two times, he’s not going to be real effective. If he’s got the puck on his stick all night, we’re all going to walk out of the building saying, ‘Man, he was good.’ "

So far, he's looking good out there!