Red Wings prospect Jared McIsaac taken off the ice on a stretcher.



We have a terrible situation to report coming out of a scrimmage between the Columbus Blue Jackets and the Detroit Red Wings.

According to multiple reports, Detroit Red Wings prospect Jared McIsaac has been seriously injured after being the victim of a hit from behind courtesy of Columbus Blue Jackets prospect James Malatesta. Thus far we don't have a great angle of the hit, although we have provided a short replay below, but from the one angle we do have this looks to be a pretty predatory hit on the part of Malatesta.

It is hard to make a clear judgement with only one angle, but it does appear as though Malatesta not only delivers the hit from behind, but actually catches McIsaac in the back of the head, pancaking his opponents skull between the boards and the weight of his body. If the other angles make this hit look just as bad, I suspect that there may be very serious consequences for Malatesta moving forward.

Unfortunately that will do very little to help McIsaac in the short term, as he appears to have been severely injured by the hit. There are numerous unconfirmed reports that suggest he was motionless on the ice for several minutes, and we have received confirmation that several trainers were attending to him on the ice and that the call was eventually made to load him onto a stretcher.

Despite there being 2:45 seconds remaining in the period of play, the game has been called to a halt and the players have all headed back to their respective locker rooms.

Update: Columbus Blue Jackets insider Aaron Portzline has confirmed that McIsaac has been taken to hospital, no surprise given the details we heard regarding his condition following the hit.

Update: The Red Wings have confirmed that McIsaac lost consciousness following the hit, something that would appear to line up with the reports of him lying motionless on the ice for a long period of time. The good news is however that he appears to be moving and speaking, a very good sign when it comes to a dangerous hit like this.

Here's the angle of the hit we have so far:

Stay tuned for more details.