Red Wings reveal branding of their new arena, and it's a far cry from Joe Louis.

A big change for the Red Wings.

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It's a sign of the times, tradition gives way to cooperate sponsorship and the almighty dollar.

The Red Wings will soon be saying goodbye to their home since 1979, Joe Louis Arena, and will be moving in to a new arena that will be the center of a new development project. Until today the new arena was know as the Detroit's Event Center, but Red Wings owner Mike Ilitch has secured a 20 year sponsorship agreement for the naming rights to the arena.

The deal, expected to pay an estimated $6.5 million per year, will result in the arena being known as the "Little Caesars Arena" not exactly the most awe-inspiring name in sports. Of course the deal from a business standpoint makes perfect sense, building and operating modern arenas is extremely expensive, and an additional $6.5 million in yearly revenue is nothing to scoff at. 

With that said, I think you would be hard pressed to find anyone who likes the idea of going from a name like Joe Louis Arena to Little Caesars Arena.