Red Wings to be buyers at NHL Trade Deadline?

Will Steve Yzerman make additions to the roster?



Hockey is set to resume in Detroit, as the Red Wings will bring in the Vancouver Canucks tomorrow afternoon in what will be their first game since the NHL All-Star break. And as it happens, the NHL Trade Deadline is now officially less than a month away.

Red Wings fans have gotten used to seeing their team sell off assets at recent Deadlines in an effort to gain draft capital that general manager Steve Yzerman uses to build a long-term foundation of the roster. However, given Detroit's success this season and the fact that they currently occupy a Wild Card playoff spot, could they do the opposite this time around and add pieces? 

Head coach Derek Lalonde joined local sports talk station 97.1 The Ticket in Detroit on Thursday morning, and said that he could envision additions at the Deadline, but only if it makes sense in Yzerman's mind.

"He’ll do the right thing if it makes sense, but I think it’s more important if it makes sense going forward," said Lalonde. "So (another forward) will be the wishlist, but I think we’re also realistic on, we’re still in the middle of a process here, which is the right thing to do." I do think, as a group, why we’re having success is the patience and leadership of Steve Yzerman over time," said Lalonde. "You have to build through the draft. This isn’t done overnight."

Lalonde then said that it was possible that his team was overachieving, but that it was a credit to the players. 

"Are we ready to be a legit Stanley Cup contender? I don’t know," he said. "We’re probably overachieving on where our talent is, which is a huge credit to our guys. So I think we’re probably still going to build this thing."

In the meantime, the Red Wings aim to pick up right where they left off thanks to their impressive 9-2-2 record in January that helped propel them into a playoff position. 

The NHL Trade Deadline is March 8 - will Yzerman and the Red Wings be buyers this time around? 

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