Red Wings under fire for allowing Detroit police to use arena as makeshift prison

The Red Wings and the Illitch family allow for peaceful protestors to be detained at Little Caesar’s Arena.

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According to a report from NBA insider Duncan Smith, the Ilitch family, owners of the NHL’s Detroit Red Wings, have allowed for Detroit police to use Little Caesar’s Arena to detain and process protestors and rioters.

Check it out:

More from Deadline Detroit journalist Violet Ikonomova:

Suffice it to say that this isn’t going over well with most Red Wings fans.

I gotta say… Mike Ilitch would be rolling over in his grave if he saw his team ever attached to something like this. After all, this is the guy who quietly paid Rosa Parks’ rent for years after she moved to Detroit and struggled to get on her feet. The Ilitch name means compassion and acceptance to most people, but his family is doing a great job at dragging that name through the mud since Mike’s passing in 2017.