Referee loses his cool, punches player, trainer jumps off bench, attacks referee.

All hell breaks loose after referee attacks player.


All hell broke loose in a Junior A game.

We're not exactly sure when this took place, what we do know is the video of the incident was published on Monday and frankly the footage is rather unbelievable.

During a London Lakers a big brawl erupted and the officials on the ice had a hard time getting the situation back under their control, and it appears as a result of this fact one referee lost his cool. Next thing you know, after the fighting seems to have subsided, the referee hits the player with a punch to the face before throwing him down to the ice.

Not to be outdone in terms of ridiculous behavior, the trainer ran out onto the ice and attacked the referee who attacked his player, dropping him to the ice with some kind of blow that left the referee dazed.

You've got to see it to believe.