Referee Tim Peel under investigation after hot mic catches him making up a penalty on Preds!

This looks bad…


The National Hockey League is investigating comments made by a referee on a hot mic during Tuesday’s game between the Detroit Red Wings and the Nashville Predators. Referees Tim Peel and Kelly Sutherland were the referees assigned to the game and, according to many witness, Peel is the one being heard on the hot mic segment. He is also the one who announced the penalty. 

After Viktor Arvidsson was called for tripping Jon Merrill, a voice was heard on the FOX broadcast saying, “It wasn’t much, but I wanted to get a fuckin’ penalty against Nashville early in the …” before the audio cut out.

Uh oh… 

While the Predators managed to kill Arvidsson’s penalty and go one to win the game 2-0,  the hot-mic moment hung over the contest and is making waves today. 

When the penalty was called, Arvidsson could not believe he was going to the box for what he thought was meaningless. The replay seemed to backed up his reaction. Predators television analyst Chris Mason went as far as calling it a dive on the part of Merrill.

You have to understand that this is probably not the first time a referee makes a questionable call - duh! But this is more than questionable, this is a make-up one that was caught on tape! 

The NHL is investigating the incident, and it is unclear how Peel could be disciplined if the league were to do so. 

We will see what deputy commissioner Bill Daly and director of officiating Stephen Walkom decided to do.