Referee Wes McCauley has another hilarious conversation caught on camera!

This is awesome.

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The popularity of National Hockey League officials may be at an all time low as far as fans of the NHL are concerned but referee Wes McCauley may be doing his best to remedy that a little bit, although perhaps unintentionally.

McCauley comes off as a pretty down to earth guy in the very limited interactions we have been privy to between him and some of our favorite NHL stars and this weekend he provided yet another example of exactly that, this time during the opening round series between the Dallas Stars and the Nashville Predators in the 2019 Stanley Cup Playoffs.

As you know it is a referee's job during the course of a game to keep the players on the ice in check and make sure they follow the rules of the sport and have a, hopefully, fair and respectable contest. Due to the nature of their position it is very rare to hear a player genuinely scold or reprimand an official, unless it's out of anger at a bad call, but that is exactly what happened here.

McCauley was a little overwhelmed by all the action that was going on in the game and as several players attempted to swarm around him to get a word in edge wise McCauley just had enough. He lashed out a little at the players using some expletives in his language to let them know he would address their concerns during the commercial break, but little did he know that he had been overheard.

Waiting in the wings to scold McCauley was Dallas Stars forward Jamie Benn who, jokingly of course, had taken exception with McCauley's use of foul language during the initial exchange. What happened next was Benn giving McCauley a little guff in the most hilarious way imaginable, something that may have caught the veteran referee a little off guard to be honest. Instead of rebuking Benn McCauley just acknowledged that he was right and skated on his merry way.

Benn effectively put McCauley in his place, albeit not in any kind of serious fashion. That being said something tells me that Benn had a pretty good laugh after the game about this one.