Regina Pats member shares insight on Connor Bedard potentially pulling a Lindros!

Regina Pats member shares insight on Connor Bedard potentially pulling a Lindros!

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Throughout the entire 2022-23 season as hockey fans awaited to see which team would have the best shot at landing projected first overall pick Connor Bedard, there were already talks of the generational talent pulling an Eric Lindros at the NHL Draft.

It would happen throughout the campaign that Bedard’s name would trend next to Lindros’ hinting that the projected first overall pick could choose his own team. Rumours points to the young forward wanting to play only for the Vancouver Canucks and talks reemerged on Monday night when the Chicago Blackhawks won the draft lottery. We all remember back in 1991 when despite Lindros stating before the draft that he would hold out and refuse to play for Quebec, the Nordiques selected him first overall. A massive trade took place for him to be moved to the Philadelphia Flyers.

However, Dante de Caria, the voice of the Regina Pats spoke on the air of CHGO Blackhawks about Bedard and he finally sounded off on the possibility of the Pats superstar pulling an Eric Lindros.

“I think he’s happy to play for any organization and any franchise and I really do believe from the bottom of his heart and the bottom of my heart. His dream has been to play in the NHL. He’s a hockey guy, he loves hockey, like there was that report the other day that he, on the night of the lottery, was playing street hockey with kids outside. That’s Connor. That’s just the guy he is.

“He was getting some questions throughout the year ‘are you going to pull a Lindros?’ ‘Is that something you thought about?’ he kind of laughed, like of course not.”

We can all stop this “pulling a Lindros” nonsense.

“I don’t know where that came from,” to which the hosts quickly pointed to the internet.

It prompted de Caria to explain how Bedard is not on social media and none of what he said or hinted at during the season could lead to him asking for a trade at the NHL draft in June.

“In fact, Connor is not a social media guy at all: he doesn’t have Tik Tok, he doesn’t use Twitter, rarely uses Instagram. This is somebody that if you’re ever around him, you never see him on his phone. Like ever.”

What a guy. Who will be a Blackhawk soon enough.

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