Reimer angrily denies contract demands after being traded.

He claims reports of his demands have been greatly exaggerated.

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Around the time former Toronto Maple Leafs goaltender James Reimer was traded this season, rumors started floating arounf that he had informed the Leafs it would require a big money offer to bring him back next season. Those rumors eventually became reports, and word on the street was Reimer had asked for upwards of $6 million per season.

In fact Sportsnet's Damien Cox went one step further and claimed that Reimer had not only asked for $6 million per season, he also asked for massive term, six years to be exact. However Cox was publicly admonished for doing so, and James Reimer's agent Ray Petkau claimed Cox had a bad source, and suggest he should "check his numbers."

In a recent report for the Calgary Sun Reimer also responded to those figures, and his Sharks teammates also took the oppurtunity to poke some fun at the media.

“I don’t even want to dignify it with a response,” said Reimer as his new Sharks teammates chimed in from across the room with shouts of “I heard it was $8 million,” and “I heard it was $10 million.”

“That was definitely untrue.”

He certainly doesn't sound happy about those reports.