Rempe and Deslauriers leave each other battered and bruised.

Rempe and Deslauriers leave each other battered and bruised.

Matthew Rempe and Nicolas Deslauriers were both showing signs of damage after this one.

Jonathan Larivee

These two showed each other very little mercy on Saturday afternoon.

Both New York Rangers rookie forward Matthew Rempe and Philadelphia Flyers veteran forward Nicolas Deslauriers were battered and bruised after both men made the decision to drop the gloves in the game's opening period. To be fair it looks like the challenge was issued by Deslauriers, who approached Rempe during warmups during which the two men exchanged words, but if the veteran was expecting an easy fight he got anything but.

In spite of the fact that he may be a newcomer to the National Hockey League, Rempe gave the experienced veteran all that he could handle and then some. Rempe would stand in the pocket with Deslauriers and traded with him blow for blow for several seconds before Deslauriers eventually dragged him down to the ice.

This one went on for several long seconds and unsurprisingly both men were showing signs of the damage they received from the other while sitting in the penalty box.