Report: 11 year veteran cut from try-out.

Tough break for long time vet.

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Wednesday was a rough day for one long time NHL veteran.

Defeseman Andrej Meszaros was released from his try-out with the Florida Panthers and as of right now his NHL future is uncertain. Meszaors will now need another NHL team to offer him a try-out, and there's no guarantee that will happen, even if it does he would still be competing for a roster spot.

The 29 year old defenseman hasn't indicated what he will do if he is unable to make an NHL roster this season, one has to wonder if he would consider an AHL try-out or simply retire.

Over the course of his 11 year career with the Senators, Lightning, Flyers, Bruins and Sabres Meszaors has 63 goals 175 assists in 645 NHL games.

Image courtesy Keystone Press.