Report: 4 possible destinations for Shane Doan.

Who's pursuing the former captain?

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Who’s pursuing the former captain?

Shane Doan will likely want to at least have a long run in the playoffs and the Arizona Coyotes are not close to achieve that as they are rebuilding. He can bring a lot of experience and leadership to a contending team which might be ready to pay the big price for him. Doan is in his 21st NHL season and will not be around the league forever, if he wants to move, this is the prime time.

Competing internationally for Team Canada, Doan has won two gold medals and three silvers at the World Championships as well as one World Cup championship in 2004. He was also a member of Canada’s 2006 Winter Olympic team.

Four possible destinations for Shane Doan as reported on Blackhawks, Kings, Ducks and Golden Knights.

Where do you think he will end up?