Report: Active NHLer wants to play hockey longer than Jaromir Jagr.

6 more years? He is already 38 years old!

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6 more years? He is already 38 years old

Still unsigned, Andrei Markov wants to continue to play hockey for a long time. Stu Cowan from the Montreal Gazette chatted with Markov’s advisor and trainer Sergei Berezin. Berezin who played in the NHL with the Habs and the Leafs says that Markov is focussed as ever Despite being an older player in the NHL wants to play as long as he can.

“It all depends on how he feels inside,” Berezin said. “You can see his eyes are still burning and he has the fire. I would imagine another, I don’t know, five, six years, easy. The way he works, the way he wants to work is just unbelievable … it’s amazing. I’ve never seen anybody like it. Nobody I played with, nobody I work with …. nobody I know.” –From Montreal Gazette
Six more years? Andrei Markov would be 44 years old at that time. Clearly somebody wants to come after Jaromir Jagr’s title!