Report: Alex Galchenyuk's family is a huge problem

Two journalists mentioned the exact same thing...

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Even though Alex Galchenyuk has been playing pretty well over the last few games, it looks like head coach Claude Julien is reluctant to give him more responsibilities and more time on the ice. Two journalists believe there is a very simple reason why Galchy doesn't play on either one of the two top lines.

According to 98,5FM commentator and former NHL referee Ron Fournier and RDS journalist Alain Crête, Alex Galchenyuk's family is a real problem. His father, who acts as if he was his coach, could be part of the reason why the 23-year-old forward has been struggling. Here's what Fournier said:

"You need to deserve your time on the ice, buddy. You need to stop listening to your daddy, buddy. You think he's your coach, but he's your dad. Your coach is your coach. That's it. That's the problem. It's been a real mess since five or six years."

Crête compared Galchy's situation to Eugenie Bouchard. And that's not a good thing:

"He needs to clean up his entourage. I compare his situation to Eugenie Bouchard's. His parents are extremely close to him, they're surrounding him completely. His sister is the one managing his schedule... In such situations, you should trust your agent... Especially because his agent is Pat Brisson, probably one of the best in the NHL."

Do you believe Galchy's family really has an impact on his on-ice performances?