Report: All of the offers for Taylor Hall at yesterday’s NHL trade deadline

Elliotte Friedman dishes on competing offers from the Blues, Golden Knights and Islanders.


In case you missed it this past weekend, the Buffalo Sabres traded star winger Taylor Hall to the Boston Bruins along with forward Curtis Lazar for the underwhelming return of forward Anders Bjork and a 2nd round pick.

While the Bruins had been linked to Hall for weeks now, this trade was a bit of a head scratcher. If players like Nick Foligno and David Savard were able to net a 1st round pick plus additional assets, why did the Sabres come up so short in the Hall deal? 

Well, according to NHL insider Elliotte Friedman, the Sabres had other offers from the Vegas Golden Knights, St. Louis Blues and New York Islanders but were some limited in who they could take trade with by virtue of Hall's no trade clause. The fact of the matter is that Hall wanted to be a Bruin and the Sabres facilitated that. 

So... what kind of offers were out there?

In his latest 31 Thoughts podcast for Sportsnet Friedman outlined at least a few offers that were on the table.

Check it out:

“I just know they were in (St. Louis). I don’t know that it was close. I think it was close with Vegas. I mean, as close as it can be without Hall saying, ‘yes’. I think it was potentially close with Vegas. I think it was close with the Islanders, but more close with the Islanders earlier in the week than later in the week.”
“That (the Kyle Palmieri trade) was basically the Islanders making a choice that they were taking Palmieri over Hall. I don’t think the Boston offer was the best offer that Buffalo go, but Hall made it clear that he was going to flex his muscles as is his right.”
“I heard the Islanders offer was similar to the one they did with Palmieri. Now obviously, there was a bit more in the Palmieri deal because Zajac was involved. The Islanders were deciding between Palmieri and Hall and they made their decision.”

Frankly, I'd love to see what else the Bruins and the Sabres discussed, because the return is obviously underwhelming. But... where did negotiations start? Did Sabres GM Kevyn Adams actually do a good job of hammering down and getting the return that he got? 

Thoughts, Sabres fans?