Report: an economist reveals why there are so many empty seats at Wings games

What is going on in Detroit?

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The Detroit Red Wings have announced sellouts for every one of their home games so far this season, however, there’s been a lot of empty seats at Little Caesars Arena. 

According to Andrew Zimbalist, an economics professor at Smith College in Massachusetts who studies the business of sports, the many new features in the arena have taken the attention off the game.

“That kind of explains why there is milling around and watching the arena, not the game that is being played,” he explained to the Detroit News.

“Particularly early in the season, particularly when you don’t have an exciting club, it’s not atypical to have ticket sales way above turnstile count — the people who actually show up at the arena.

“It’s not unusual for there to be a discount of even 20 or 30 percent, in that regard.”

The new arena is much different than the Joe Louis Arena, where the socializing or experiences beyond the game weren't as extravagant. 

"Joe Louis Arena existed for hockey, with enough refreshment and entertainment to make it through the game and leave. But Little Caesars Arena, built at a cost of $869 million, exists to provide an evening on the town, in one venue," we can read in the Detroit News

So, Wings fans and management should not be worried about the report. However, fans might want to show up a bit earlier to see all the new features and not miss anything from the game!