Report: Two times cup champion on the trading block!

Could he be traded soon?

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With their 2-6-1 record to start the year and 9 million dollars wiggle room, there is no doubt in anyone's mind that the Montreal Canadiens are trying hard to upgade their lineup and plenty of rumors are now circulating.

In his latest popular 31 Thoughts column on Sportsnet, reporter Elliotte Friedman speculates that one player that might be shipped out of town soon could be gritty forward Andrew Shaw.

As the four-alarm blaze continues in Montreal, the Canadiens are doing whatever they can not to pour gasoline on it. Regular readers know there’s a line I use a lot: When you’re drowning, other GMs throw you anvils, not lifelines.
GM Marc Bergevin is determined not to make a panic move. Not a day goes by without an Alex Galchenyuk, but, if he is dealt now, it is the ultimate in selling low — pennies on the dollar. Unless the organization simply wants to cut ties, that’s not ideal. I do think they would move Andrew Shaw, potentially keeping some part of his salary. Shaw does have four more years at $3.9 million. Trading with term is not easy.

While Marc Bergevin spent two 2nd round picks and signed him to a 6-year 23.4 million dollars deal, he'd already be willing to admit his mistake and even retain salary, only one year later. Ouch!