Report: Another selection leaked in advance of the NHL Expansion Draft

The leaks are coming out fast and furious now!

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There are two ways to look at the NHL Expansion Draft protection list of the Vancouver Canucks. The optimist looks at it and says, “well, at least they won’t lose a player of high value”. The pessimist looks at it and says, “they didn’t have any good players to expose anyways.” Whatever your perspective, it’s clear that the Canucks won’t be as affected by the Vegas Golden Knights as some other teams.

In fact, one Canucks insider, TSN 1040 broadcast Matt Sekeres, is reporting that the Canucks will lose either defenseman Luca Sbisa or forward Brendan Gaunce to the Vegas Golden Knights.

Nothing surprising about this, really. It’s been speculated for awhile now that the Canucks could lose either of these two and with reports that Canucks GM Jim Benning did not make a move to protect either, the writing was on the wall.

What do you think Canucks fans? You okay with this development? At the very least it could mean and increase in ice time for a young defenseman or another contributor like Reid Boucher.