Report: At least one NHL team will have the chance to win BOTH the Stanley Cup and the Draft Lottery

Could you imagine any other league bending the rules like this?

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Lost in all the hoopla lately of the NHL's 24 team playoff format, return to play, Phase 2, etc. has been details of the 2020 NHL Draft Lottery. After all, if you're a fan of a team like the Detroit Red Wings, Ottawa Senators, Los Angeles Kings or New Jersey Devils, chances are you don't give a damn about who wins the Stanley Cup this year. Your prize is projected #1 pick Alexis Lafreniere. 

So, when is the lottery? What are the odds and who can win the #1 pick? These are still details that are mostly being sorted out by the NHL, but #1 hockey insider Bob McKenzie of TSN did shed some light on matters earlier today.

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Now the interesting thing... at least one team will have the opportunity to win the Stanley Cup AND the Draft Lottery.

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Could you imagine ANY other professional sport twisting the rules like this? Doesn't this seem like the easiest decision in history to make? 24 teams are in the playoffs, right? Give the other 7 teams a chance at #1 pick overall with descending odds. Easy, peasy.

UPDATE: McKenzie has clarified his reporting on the Draft Lottery and it appears that teams will NOT be eligible to win both the Stanley Cup and the Draft Lottery this summer. Instead, the Draft Lottery will be open to those teams who do not qualify for the playoffs or the "play in" round and those teams that lose their "play in" round series.

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