Report: Babcock intends to move one of his forwards to a different position.

Leafs forward could soon be playing in a new role.

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The Toronto Maple Leafs have an abundance of talent on the wing and it appears that Mike Babcock may even feel he has a little too much.

This week the Maple Leafs head coach revealed that the future for one of his talented wingers wasn't on the wing at all, claiming that William Nylander would be a bonafide National Hockey League center within a few short season.

According to Mike Augello of the PWHA, Babcock has stated that while Nylander will continue to play wing this season, and will in fact start next season on the wing as well, the plan is to eventually convert Nylander to center.

Babcock would only say that Nylander will eventually become a center, but this certainly appears to indicate that the forward is in Toronto's long term plans. While this is merely speculation, it may also indicate that one of Toronto's current centers isn't being viewed as a long-term answer for the Leafs.