Report believes NHL team is deliberately starting trade rumors about it's own player.

Report claims NHL team is fueling the rumors themselves.

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One of the most interesting trade rumors of the summer involves P.K. Subban and his relationship with the Montreal Canadiens. In fact just yesterday we reported on some shocking comments made by former Canadiens legend Guy Lafleur regarding the Habs defenseman.

Furthermore Michael Grosso reported earlier today that the Canadiens had received at least one serious offer for Subban, believed to be from the Edmonton Oilers, but that offer was immediately rejected by the organization. This is where things get real interesting however.


Jimmy Murphy spoke to an National Hockey League executive who could not believe the amount of rumors he heard surrounding P.K. Subban during the NHL combine in Buffalo.

"Why did I hear so much about PK Subban maybe getting traded?"


Today Murphy has stated that he and "others" now believe that one or more members within the Habs organization are they themselves source of these rumors. Murphy described it as "using the media to start P.K. Subban trade rumors."

Obviously the natural conclusion to draw here would be to suggest the motivation to do this is that Montreal does indeed want to trade Subban, but Murphy did not speculate on that point.