Report: Bergevin lashes out at former Hab Radulov

He turned down how much!? ?

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In a one-on-one sit down interview with TSN’s Bob McKenzie, Montreal Canadiens general manager Marc Bergevin offered up some candid opinions on former Hab and brand new Dallas Stars forward Alex Radulov.

When asked point blank whether or not he offered Radulov the money he was seeking and received from the Stars, Bergevin replied simply, “That’s correct.” When asked why then is Radulov not a Montreal Canadien, Bergevin cryptically replied, “Only he can answer that question.”

Bergevin would go on to explain the entire contract saga between himself and Radulov’s camp and, quite frankly, it’s a doozy. “I started talking to him at the All-Star Game. At the time they were really stuck on an eight year deal and they were stuck on that. That didn’t come off the table on their side until right before the draft. I made that same offer and they hit the open market maybe expecting to get more.” 

Did Radulov’s departure come as a surprise? “I thought I had the deal done… when I turned around they didn’t take it and I was a little surprised,” said Bergevin clearly frustrated with the situation.

What do you think, Habs fans? Did Bergevin go above and beyond to keep Radulov in Montreal?