Report: Bettman breaks silence on Coyotes relocation

Houston? Seattle Quebec City? Where do you think the struggling franchise ends up?

Report: Bettman breaks silence on Coyotes relocation

With the city of Seattle stealing the NHL spotlight this past week in expansion talks, the subject of relocating the struggling Arizona Coyotes has faded into the background. But with the team hitting new lows on the ice and in the stands, something’s got to give in the desert.

The Coyotes are bleeding money faster than any other NHL franchise and their attempts to get into an arena, ANY arena, either in Phoenix or Tempe have been unsuccessful so far. The team currently plays out of the Gila River Arena in Glendale, but have no commitments past this season.

TSN analyst and NHL insider Pierre LeBrun brought up the idea or relocation with NHL commissioner Gary Bettman, only to have any idea shot down.

Still working on an arena deal? Will this story never end? The Coyotes have played in two different arenas/cities and have had two other planned moves vetoed at the last moment. At what point does the NHL consider the 22 year experiment in the desert a failure?