Report : Big deadline reached for the Sens, Dorion.

Dorion himself placed a deadline today about this guy.

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Some dates are more important than others for each NHL team and today is one of them for the Sens. Pierre Dorion has been pretty busy, like all the GMs across the league, by signing and extending many contracts since the end of the season. He made a promise about one guy and today is the deadline. 

According to his own words, Dorion will have fresh news concerning Viktor Stalberg today. 

Stalberg has not been exactly stellar in the last few seasons, but he still has a lot of potential left. At 6'3'', he brings a physical side to the Sens' roster and has plenty of experience in the NHL too. it wouldn't be surprising that he chooses to play in Europe and earn a better salary for next year, but the Sens may be tempted to give him a new shot at the NHL too. His last 1.5M$ contract was a pretty limited risk and Dorion might take a shot at it once more. 

We will keep you updated as soon as the decision has been made!