Report: Big news coming from Auston Matthews today

Straight from NHL insider Darren Dreger


According to a report from NHL insider Darren Dreger, the Toronto Maple Leafs are expected to make an announcement today on superstar forward Auston Matthews who is expected to add "another big name" to his sponsorship profile.

From Dreger:

How much do you want to bet that it's another sleazy online gambling site? Some lame betting app or something similar is what I'm guessing, because Lord knows we don't have enough of those ads in the league these days.

In all seriousness, Matthews already has an impressive stable of corporate sponsors, endorsing products from the likes of Apple electronics, Lids apparel Bet99 gambling and, of course, CCM hockey gear. I can only speculate as to what today's announcement will look like, but I suspect that AM34 will be pulling in a tidy sum for endorsing whatever it is that's to come. Stay tuned.