Report: Bobby Ryan may have suffered yet another injury to his hands.

Not again...

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This has almost become a running gag in Ottawa, but if that is indeed the case it must feel like one of the worst jokes of all time for the Senators fan base.

On Sunday afternoon the Senators faced off against the Carolina Hurricanes in what felt largely like a relatively meaningless game given the current trajectory for both these teams, certainly for the Ottawa Senators at the very least. Unsurprisingly given the complete collapse on the part of the Senators as of late the fact that they would walk away with their heads held down after a 5 - 4 loss came as relatively little surprise, but unfortunately for Senators' fans that is not where the bad news ended. 

Over the course of the match up Senators forward Bobby Ryan once again appeared to suffer an injury after he blocked a shot with his hand during the  the game, a major concern for fans who are aware of Ryan's history of injuries. Ryan's hand injuries have, in the opinion of many, completely derailed his career as a player in the National Hockey League but thankfully the veteran forward would eventually return to the game and it looked like the crisis had been averted.

The latest report however from Ottawa Senators insider Bruce Garrioch has cast some doubts on the fact. According to Garrioch in spite of the fact that Ryan did in fact return to the game he appeared to be shut down by head coach Guy Boucher in the later stages of the game and saw no time on the ice at all during that period. Additionally Garrioch is now reporting that Ryan's status is currently "unknown" which would appear to point to the fact that his hands may indeed have been injured once again.

Ryan has been a constant source of frustration for the Senators given his large salary and relatively low degree of production for the amount of money the team is investing in him. His inability to remain healthy for any length of time has only served to add to that ever growing frustration and this latest episode could make things even worse. The fact that they tried to dump him off in the Karlsson trade effectively tells you where he sits in the eyes of the Senators these days.