Report: Bozak reveals what kept him out of the lineup on Saturday

“It's been a tough few days,” says the Leafs center.

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Throughout the duration of his time in the city, Toronto Maple Leafs center Tyler Bozak has proven that he can stomach just about anything. Unwarranted criticism, constant trade speculation… whatever the media can throw at him, he can stomach it. What he can’t stomach however, is whatever ailed him on Saturday in Vancouver.

The 31-year-old pivot was ruled out of this past weekend’s game against the Vancouver Canucks with food poisoning… maybe after some bad sushi in Vancouver? 

Bozak returned to practice on Tuesday, but he’s still a gametime decision for Wednesday’s game against the Calgary Flames. “I had quite a bad case and I was throwing up for a few days,” said Bozak. “I thought I was over it, came to the rink (Monday) and when I got here, it started again and I went home. Hopefully, I’m over it. It’s been a tough few days, now I have to get my energy back.”

Ugh… we’ve all been there before. Hopefully he can get himself back to 100% in time for Wednesday’s rematch against the Flames in Toronto.