Report: Bruins and Pastrnak close on a new long-term deal

Will this finally get done today?


According to Sportsnet NHL Insider Elliotte Friedman, the Boston Bruins and the David Pastrnak camp have met almost every day for over a week now and continue to make progress on a contract extension for the All-Star winger.

On the most recent episode of The 32 Thoughts Podcast with Friedman and Jeff Marek, Friedman provided Bruins fans with an update on negotiations between Bruins general manager Don Sweeney and Pastrnak’s agent J.P. Barry.

“Again, I don’t think they’re in the red zone yet, but they’re getting closer,” Friedman said. “As I said to someone: ‘I hope it’s not 4th and 8 and Kirk Cousins throws a three-yard pass, and the negotiation falls apart on that. But like I said, I’ve just heard on that, I think the Bruins and the rep – who’s J.P. Barry here – I think they’re talking almost every day. I think there’s a real try here and. …I don’t know, I think everybody understands what everybody wants and I think they’re trying to make it happen.”

“I want to be careful with this one, but the word around the league is that the Bruins and Pastrnak have been making some progress,” Friedman said this past week. “I still think there are things that need to get done. But the word as of this Saturday with Pastrnak is ‘progress.'”